Something about us

Our structure can truly be defined as a family business.

I Vincenzo, before throwing me head in this adventure that gives me so much satisfaction, I took care of educational trips for children aged 6 to 11, job that I loved, but I always dreamed of managing an activity with my family that would allow me to relate to people and share experiences.

I am “Il Giardino” handyman: I mainly take care of guests’ reception, but when necessary I also become a gardener, a waiter, a plumber …. I try to satisfy all the needs of our guests with the aim of making their stay as pleasant as possible.

My father Ennio, substitutes me for the reception with a lot of professionalism, and also like me, he is an handyman, if necessary as a super hero, turns into a gardener, driver, and mason for small adjustments.

My mother Anna Maria, prepares homemade cakes and cookies that give an extra touch to our breakfast, making our guests feel at home.

My mother-in-law Giuseppina is an architect, thanks to her we have completely renovated the building making it functional and elegant. She added small touches of design that make every room special.

My father-in-law Lorenzo, who works in the construction industry, in first person helped us to realize our dream by supporting us in the technical choices and showing us innovative solutions.

My wife Francesca is the “behind the scenes” figure, not often shows herself but, as in every family, thanks to her that everything goes in the right way.

And finally there is her, our little 2 years old girl, Sole, our future, and I hope the future of this structure.