Villa Gregoriana

(1.5 Km from the B&B Il Giardino)

The Villa Gregoriana Park created by Pope Gregory XVI in 1832 is the main subject of the pictorial representations of Tivoli.

Its peculiarity is in the presence of three elements: myth, nature and history.



At the bottom of the valley for those who had faced the descent passing between the caves of Neptune and the Sirens it would have been possible to meet the hidden Tiburtine Sibyl, a vaticinante deity, ables to give responses to those who had asked questions.

Nature, that of the woods and the albunee waters of the Tiburtine gorge; continuos metamorphosis linked to the events of the river. The rock is a very porous and friable travertine limestone, easily modeled by the waters of the Aniene. Nature luxuriant with seventy-four tree species and a large waterfall with a 120 meters jump, second in Italy after the Marmore waterfall, leaves fascinated any traveler.


Immersed in the vegestazione the domus of Manlio Vopisco, Roman villa dating back to the II century AD

Of the majestic villa there are only 13 rooms.

At the highest point of the Park you can reach with a suggestive walk the acropolis of the ancient Tibur Superbum, the current Tivoli, where you can admire two Temples symbol of Tivoli, next to each other the Temple of the Sibyl and the Temple of Vesta.

The Temple of the Sibyl is a testimony of early Roman architecture built around the 2nd century BC with a characteristic rectangular shape it takes the forms of the Greek temple.

The dedicated Temple of Vesta, to Vesta the goddess of the hearth built around the I century a.C. it is one of the most important archaeological monuments of Tivoli. Today it is presented with a round plant characterized by elegant lines and by the suggestive scenery that makes it a scenography.

The Temple presented an architectural order in travertine with eighteen Corinthian columns of which at present ten remain.

Today, thanks to the intervention of the FAI (Italian Environment Fund), which has granted the park since 2002, it is possible to walk among the ancient paths and enjoy all the elements that characterize it, nature, history and myth.

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