(4.5 Km from the B&B Il Giardino)

Hadrian’s Villa was an imperial residence, it was built by the will of Emperor Hadrian between 117 and 138 AD. The built for himself and his court, it is located in Tiburtine countryside, extends over a wide area of ​​about 120 hectares and, it is formed by an immense park covered with thermal baths and farmhouses.

The Villa includes residential buildings, thermal baths, lily ponds, pavilions, gardens which are alternated according to a quite unusual distribution, which does not reflect the usual sequence of villas and domus, also imperial.

The various buildings were linked not only by surface routes, even from an underground vehicular roads and pedestrian for services.

In his place, and moreover, the emperor wanted to play places and monuments that had fascinated him during his many travels.

The chosen area was full of water and right there, they passed four of the ancient aqueducts that served Rome, you can still see the remains of the Great Thermal Baths, confidential personnel to Villa, they had a heating system located under the floor and a grand hall circular used as a sudatio.

Nearby there is still the source of water of Albule sulphurous waters (today called Bagni di Tivoli), known and appreciated by the emperor.

 In 1999 Villa Adriana was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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